Q and A

Is this a senior’s living/retirement residence?
Nope.  Although some of us are seniors, we welcome people of all ages.  

Is there room for my grandkids to visit?
Plenty. You're welcome to have overnight visitors in your suite, which might be best for younger grandchildren. For older or larger groups, you have the use of a lovely, self-contained, two-bedroom guest house on the property. Each Co-owner may reserve up to seven weeks of exclusive use, to make lakeside memories with friends, children, and grandchildren.

Can I use my unit as a seasonal/vacation property?
We would prefer that you see this as your permanent home, as we do, no matter how much you may travel. We think this helps with the overall sense of community. Of course we get that this is great cottage country. We have some of the best hiking trails in the county a few steps off our property. Our fleet of watercraft includes canoes, kayaks, peddleboats, and standup paddleboards. There's great skiing, snowshoeing,  and other winter actiivities. As a co- style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"owner, all of it is yours to enjoy.  

How did you decide on the pricing?
The price represents a share of the overall property. Private spaces are priced based on their share of square footage among other private spaces. The common space is divided into seven equal portions. There is less variation in the price of units than you might expect because (unlike a condo, for example) the common spaces make up the largest portion of the building.

What other costs are there?
So glad you asked! Please see our breakdown of operating costs.

Are you still on dial-up?
Bite your tongue. We have highspeed wifi throughout via StarLink. Zoom or stream to your heart's content.

Why is there a separate corporation for the marina?

Co-owners in Oakview Coliving share ownership of the entire property with the main lodge building as their residence. (A Co-owner may be an individual or a couple). It seems sensible to segregate the commercial activity, like docking and parking space rental, for example, from the residential portion. The seven Co-owners are also equal shareholders in the corporation and receive annual dividends paid out of its profits. More detailed financial information is available to qualified purchasers.

What is Doug holding in that picture?
It's a giant bottle of hot sauce. That's why he looks excited.

I don't like cooking. Is that a dealbreaker?
Lucky for you, we have several people who like cooking and are really good at it. (That's one reason Hilllary insisted an exercise room had to be a top priority!) You can find another way to contribute.

What if I try it and don't like it? Can I get my money out?
You may offer your share of the property for sale, at market value, at any time. Other owners must approve any new Co-owner. If they choose not to, they will become responsible for buying your share. If the other owners are unable or unwilling to buy your share, the entire property will be sold. Ultimately, then, the value of the whole property backstops your investment. This is a plain English summary of a detailed section of our co-ownership agreement, which you and your lawyer can review.

I'm an introvert. How will I get my alone time?
Your time is your own. While the current group does enjoy doing many things together, we are also very respectful of each other’s personal time and space (like who not to talk to before they've had morning coffee, who likes to quietly enjoy a book without being disturbed, and who might disappear on a walk by themself). The property and the surrounding area provide many quiet spots to enjoy alone. You also have your own unit that no one else will enter without an invitation. A friend of ours says cohousing is perfect for introverts. "When I want to be alone, I close my door. When I want people, I open it and there they are!"

What about furniture?
You may bring your own furniture for your private suite. We may be able to accommodate some pieces of your furniture within the common areas by mutual consent. Generally, you should not count on bringing anything that you can't keep in your suite or in a modest storage area in our basement.

Are there cultural or religious affiliations? No offense, but is this some kind of cult?
If you can call a group of people who love the outdoors and are interested in the kinship of humankind a cult, then maybe we are! All kidding aside, we are simply a group of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds and with varied beliefs, who enjoy the company of others.  

I have a job and don’t have a lot of extra time to give to the community. Am I still welcome?
Without a doubt, working people are welcome. The perk in this case, is that you could have a home- cooked meal ready for you after a long day at work!  We do think that being a part of a community involves taking on some group responsibilities. There are many ways that people can contribute to the community either on a regular basis or at various times of the year - helping in the kitchen, gardening, cutting grass, cleaning, shoveling snow, stacking wood, being a social convener, to name just a few.  

What does "agents protected" mean?
We're selling the unit privately, but in the event that you come to us through a real estate agent, we will pay that agent 2.5 percent of the purchase price on closing.

Shouldn't "coliving" have a hyphen?

More questions? Contact us at [email protected].