About Us

This little video gives you a sneak peak at how we live


Anna is a former elementary teacher. She is happiest when in motion, working on a project, and will do her best to avoid a camera.  Anna prefers  eating over cooking.


Doug is a writer, actor, hiking  enthusiast and word nerd. He has just published a collection of short stories, Tales from Wine on the Porch. He has been known to drink a martinus.


Greg wields spreadsheets and tablesaws with equal dexterity.  He likes figuring out how things work and then helping others understand them too. Sometimes this takes a while...


Grethe is an accomplished visual artist and much sought-after art instructor. She likes outdoor activities and enjoying whole foods.


New everything. Newly retired. Crackling new hip. Newly rural. Mostly new housemates (same old spouse). Looking forward to hiking, cycling, swimming and boating as hip, weather and bugs allow.


Kim is a healthcare worker, mom and grandma who enjoys mystical poets, artists and musicians, and spending time in nature, especially night sky-gazing. 


Mardi is an adult educator and Courage & Renewal(TM) facilitator. She likes hiking and baking with her grandkids.


Peter is an avid hiker and canoeist who is a life member of the Alpine Club of Canada. He has been described as “a human GPS” because he has fully explored Haliburton County and helped to create many popular trails.


Ted is a tax specialist and advocate for people exiting the criminal justice system. He's happiest with a cryptic crossword and has been known to drink a beer.


Karim has years of experience with coliving. He hangs with us from time to time and helps us figure things out. Also, he has a drone!

The living is easy

We play hard