How to buy

Coliving curious but not sure? Try before you buy!
Talk to us about renting for up to a year.

When you're ready to buy, we have a flexible process that can be adapted to your needs. Generally, it will follow these steps:

  1. Self-assessment
    Use our guide (or make up your own) to think through some of the joys and challenges you might expect. 

  2. Conversation
    You'll chat with a couple of our members in person, by phone or by Zoom. This will give you (and us) a chance to assess our "fit." For our part, it's not a particularly high bar. A coliving friend of ours says, "You don't need to be best buddies. You just need people you can tolerate." We hope you'll find us tolerable.

  3. Site visit
    If we each decide to proceed, we'll invite you to visit the lodge and have a look at the suite. At certain times, we may establish dates for an overnight visit, including evening meal and breakfast. There is a suggested contribution to defray the costs of an overnight visit, including food and cleaning. Around this time we will also make available to you our Coliving Agreement (the Trail Guide), which sets out how we intend to operate day-to-day.

  4. Financial assessment and screening
    Each of us has provided a personal credit report to the group, because each of us need to be sure we can complete the purchase and keep up with common expenses. We'll ask you to do the same. All credit reports are available to all members.

    In addition, each of us will provide a police check, specifically a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check. Please note that not having a criminal  record does not guarantee you will be welcome, and having one doesn’t guarantee you won’t.

  5. Intention and deposit/Try before you buy
    At this point you may be ready to make an offer. We will ask for a deposit (normally 10 percent), and make a set of documents available to you for your review. These include:
    - our Co-ownership Agreement
    - a 2023 building inspection (updated)
    - our current Oakview Coliving  budget
    - the incorporation papers for Oakview Lodge and Marina, a separate entity which conducts our commercial operations (e.g., docking and parking). You will become a shareholder in this corporation
    -our current corporate budget
    - a survey of the property

    If you're still unsure, we may also consider an offer to rent for six- to twelve months. Talk to us about details.

  6. Welcoming party
    What's your favourite meal?

Questions? Ready to proceed?
Contact us at [email protected]

The Pine Suite

Bedsitting room with ensuite bath and walk-in closet

Private 4-piece bath